File Grinder

File Grinder

Rename media files based on their meta-tags


  • Support for several file formats
  • Great renaming template editor
  • See changes in real time


  • Find and Replace tool is too hidden

Very good

Renaming files is always a long, boring task. So why not take advantage of meta-tags to automate the whole process?

This is precisely what you can do with File Grinder, a handy tool that helps you rename files using the data stored in their meta-tags. As these tags are mainly used in media files, that's the kind of file File Grinder works with: images (JPG), audio (MP3, WMA, APE, AAC, Ogg and APE), and video (MPEG, AVI), as well as ebooks (FB2) and HTML.

File Grinder includes a powerful editor to create and manage renaming templates, so that you can keep different profiles for various purposes or according to different file formats. All the changes you apply show on the program's interface in real time, which enables you to check everything before actually renaming the files. File Grinder supports regular expressions as well, and besides renaming can also help you move and copy files in batches.

The only drawback to File Grinder, if any, is that the Find and Replace utility is too hidden (you need to click the little arrow button beside Template Editor) and it's not very intuitive to use.

If you need a quick, easy way to rename media files, File Grinder is what you're looking for.

File Grinder


File Grinder

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